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School Management Software

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School Management Solution Provide Best Automization To Manage School.It is very user-friendly system. We are offering 100% source code of that is 100% customizable.It Is Multiuser System.Can Use Easily On Network.

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Login Form –
Where user need to enter username and password to login in to software.

Home Screen –

  • We can upload our logo at home screen.
  • We can see note of the week as per day wise ( which we enter from note form.
  • Can see thought of the week at home panel.
  • Also we can see Live Detail of Student Records, likes
  • Total fees record
  • Total Claim Solve
  • Total Product Stock
  • Total Purchase Amount
  • We input ticker feature at bottom to see this all .every time ticker move at below.

Student Admission Form –
Where we can input, edit, delete.
Personal Detail –
Student ID, Application Date, Name, Address, City, Pin-Code, Phone No, Mobile, Date Of Birthday, Fathers Name, Father’s Mobil, Father’s Business, Office Address, Occupation.

School Related Details –
Name, Division, School Timing,
Educational Detail -
Admission Standard .
Last Passed Exam Details –
Last Passed Exam Standard, Total Marks, Obtain Marks, Percentage.
Fees Detail-
Tuition Fees, other fees, Payment Mode ( Cash, D.D. , Cheque )

Student Information-
Educational Information – where you can search student particular student record and do editions and updating as per requirement.
Where we can input, edit, delete –
Personal Detail –
Student ID, Application Date, Name, Address, City, Pin-Code, Phone No, Mobile, Date Of Birthday, Fathers Name, Father’s Mobil, Father’s Business, Office Address, Occupation.
School Related Details –
Name, Division, School Timing,
Average Attendance, Average Obtain Marks.

Fees Detail -
Roll No, Name, Address, Term, Date.
Payment – (Option) Cash, Cheque, D.D.
Detail – Tuition Fee, Library Fee, Study Material Fee, Laboratory Fee, Enrolment Fee, Other Fee.

Attendance – (SMS Facility)
We can search student list via Standard, Stream, Faculty, Subject, Chapter, Date, Time..
From this search we will get list of student and we can fill up Attendance via check box.
SMS Feature Include –
After Taking Attendance If we want--
then form will move on SMS form automatically and then who’ s students are absent our software will send SMS to them father ( your son, daughter are not present today)we fetch cell number from admission form where we already take all number detail of father phone number and cell number.
Also Our Fully Command On SMS Form. We can exclude number via check box which number we do not want send SMS.
Also we can send bulk SMS also. Also after sending SMS we can see successfully sent or unsuccessfully sent.
Mark Detail:
Hear in This Form we can insert mark via subject also can see particular graph also for each student. Also we can insert mark also via subject of particular subject. Hear we also give facility to send report card via sms to parents of student.
Personal Information -
Where we can input, edit, delete, search –
Standard, roll no, name, address, phone no, can see graph, can send sms.

Employee Detail:
Hear in this particular form we can insert employee detail also we can manage there salary structure and we can manage Employee attendance

Where we can input, edit, delete, search –
Personal Information -
ID, Name, Address, Phone, Mobile, Qualification, Department, Designation, Stream (Science, Commerce, Arts ), Subject.
Attendance Detail –
ID, Name, Date, Time, Presence.
Salary Detail –
Salary, HRA, DA, TA, Amount, Absent  days salary, net amount, date, Sal Month, Total Absent Days, Per Day Salary, HRA, DA, TA, Payment (Cash, Cheque, D.D.).
Note –
Notes Detail –
This note will display at Home screen of software. So user can input important note and can see at home screen
Note No, Date, Description,

Assignment Detail (Home Work) –
Hear we can input particular Assignment which we need to assign to student. so when student will submit their assignment that time we can use same record their.
Teacher Information –
Standard, Stream, Teacher, Subject – we can search teacher via this detail .
And then we can assign assignment via subject and via batch..
From upper detail of teacher we will get subject wise chapter list( we already give master of including chapter and subject).and then we can assign assignment to particular batch. Hear below you can find field related it.
Assignment ID, Batch, Assign Date, Submission Date.
Assignment Submission -
Assignment Details -
Where we can search Student Roll No.
Standard, Stream, Faculty Name, Assignment Id, Subject, Batch, Given Date, Submission.
After that we will get list of student roll number .where we can if student submit their assignment or not. we can keep that assignment record hear .we can say that its same like attendance form but in case of assignment attendance.
Subject & Chapter Detail ( Master)–
Chapter Detail –
Standard, Stream, Subject, Chapter No, Chapter Name.
Performance Improvement-
Hear we include Form where we can analyze particular student.
How we can analyze Particular student.
First Step –
Hear we give particular all record via student weekly performance. we can see get last 12 week record hear.
We can see student Average Attendance, Average Marks, Total Test, Attend Test, Average Marks, Total Assignments, Submitted Assignment, Average Submission.
We also give student performance via graphical chart also.
After analyze student performance how we can make grow it.
For that we make some calculation after long analysis and big survey from the help of expert teacher.
After analyze we will get total performance of particular student. For example it is near about 55% and we need to increase it to 85% .
If you enter expected performance 85% then our software check how many assignment still student complete, how many days he was present, and how many marks student got last exam from this all record our software will give one result that..what’s require more for particular student -  like if we will give 8 assignment in week  and will take 6 test in week .then we can improve its performance near about 85%.
Reports –
We can see all reports via Subject, Stream and Standard
All Students Wise, Admissions Report, Assignment Submit Report, Assignment Master Report, Attendance Report, Subject & Chapter Report,
Employee Report, Employee Report (Department Wise), Employee Designation Wise report, Employee Salary Report (Month Wise, Employee id wise). Employee Presences Report, Marks Record, Standard Wise, Stream 7 Standard Wise, Steam Wise, Fees Report, Not Paid First Terms Fees, Not Paid Second Terms Fees, Not Paid Both Terms Fees, Fees Detail.


  • 100% Source Code
  • 100% Editable
  • No Encryption
  • Use For Life Time
  • Resell To Your Customer
Affordable rates with excellent quality are main goal of our company.

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