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E-Commerce Portal Development

Sell Your Products Online

Demo - User Panel -

Customers use the user panel to shop and perform their business online. Some of the features of the web site include the following features.

Customer Login is through email address and password validation.

Customers can easily view new products and services offered by the online store by clicking What's New.

Customers can view network of stores by clicking Our Shops.

Ability for each customer to view summary of order by clicking Your Orders.

Notification of special offers is done through email.

Customers can easily locate the desired item by clicking a category on the Category box.

Products area allows customers to easily view a product.

Price information is displayed along side the item to enable customers make a quick decision.

Multiple items can be added to cart by the customer.

All transactions are validated by customer login (email and password).

Create Account page provided to enable new customers easily create page. Requires fields are clearly marked with an asterisk.

Customers can use the search tool prominently displayed on main page to easily search for and locate products.

And many more….

Demo - Admin Panel

Username - admin

Password - admin

Provides integrated tools that let site administrators easily manage the site. Some of the features of the administrator panel include:

Access to Admin panel is by means of standard user name and password validation.

Logout button is prominently displayed at the top of the screen to facilitate quick logout.

Home link is displayed along side the Logout button to enable Admin quickly return to home page from any location within the site.

Major administration areas are arranged along the top of the screen and again listed on a panel to the right for easy access.

Admin Management: Enables change of user names, passwords and email addresses.

Content Management: Ability to manage the pages that make up the web site, Admin can add new content or edit existing content.

Admin can add and edit product categories.

Product image can be uploaded along with product category.

Product categories can be selectively activated, deactivated or deleted as the need may be Can add, edit and deactivate users through the User Management tool. Ability to post blogs and manage same by selectively adding, deactivating and deleting desired blogs. Admin can send emails to selective groups of users (e.g. All Inactive Users, Only Active Users or News Readers), or to all users. New mails can be created through a user friendly mail editor and additional files can be sent attachments. And many more…

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