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Auto Dealer PHP Scripts

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Userpanel - caradmin

Password - caradmin

Regular Price: 5500 INR

Regular Price: 4500 INR

2750 INR - 49$ Free Installation ←

You Save: 1750 INR


A fresh, user-friendly interface; You will have no problems handling your website. Secure, private data secured control panel; You can be sure that the administration board is completely secured and nobody smashes into it. User consideration manager; Handle customers records via administration board easily.

  • Customizable individual consideration privileges; Set up customers records rights.
  • Support for an endless variety of individual accounts; You can create as many customers records as you want.
  • User consideration termination option; You can set up the different termination time frame for every individual consideration.
  • Option to momentarily turn off a individual account; You can turn off a individual consideration at any time you want.
  • Customizable list fields; You can modify every list area you need.
  • Adding endless listings; You can add as many outcomes as you want.
  • Adding endless customized list fields; You can create your very own customized areas all from within our simple area designer.
  • Featured list option; It makes the list more noticeable for guests which outcomes in more opinions of the list.
  • Listing termination option; You can set up the different termination time frame for each list.
  • Localization alternatives (Currency, models, etc.);
  • Support for several store locations;
  • Support for an endless variety of pictures per listing; You have the capability to add as many pictures per list as you need.
  • Automatic picture resizing; No need to fear about expanded or curiously scaly pictures when watching ad outcomes.
  • Automatic thumbnail creation; Graphical list watching statistics; See which ad outcomes are your most well-known on a everyday and life-time complete.
  • Side by part vehicle evaluation of up to 3 vehicles; Visitors able to evaluate up to 3 venichles and decide more easily whch provide is better. Built-in Fast Look for and Innovative Look for features;
  • Sort order; It allows guests to type outcomes by vehicle create year, outcomes add time frame, price.
  • Email a revenue representative feature; Visitors able to get in touch with the revenue representative fast and easily.


  • Free Installation
  • 100% Source Code
  • 100% Editable
  • No Encryption
  • Can Upload On Unlimited Domain
  • Can Use For Life Time
Affordable rates with excellent quality are main goal of our company.

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